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Cool movie. Awesome to see part of it in New York City. Good car chase scene


Very good! Needed more!




Too much pursuing, too few story.


I want more...


This is how I like movies; plenty of action but still a decent plot to follow. Entertaining!


The best from all three films about Bourne.


If I died tomorrow, I would be satisfied with my life in regards to action movies, because I have seen The Bourne Ultimatum.


This movie truly is one of the greatest films ever made. You have to see it!

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The Bourne Ultimatum Reviews


wasnt my type of movie.

My rating of The Bourne Ultimatum:

The Bourne Superiority

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is here for the third time (The Bourne Identity (2002) and The Bourne Supremacy (2004)). The Bourne Ultimatum is an excellent finalé to this trilogy full of secret agents, codenames and keywords.

Jason Bourne's superiority is depicted in a fast pace with beautiful scenes shot in cities around the world. Music and sound effects are used scarcely, yet very well, which adds to the realism and - together with how the camera moves - creates an immense sense of presence.

I just can't get enough of Bourne. Him always being one step ahead of his enemy and performing a number of feats on different vehicles is a lot without being too much. I have a hard time with tough guys who demand credit for what they are. Bourne, on the contrary, is a humble guy who doesn't even know why he's so tough. And he IS tough.

Everything in this movie just oozes skill in acting and movie making. The Bourne Ultimatum ties some of the few loose ends in the trilogy by providing insight into how it all started, both in real time and with a number of flashbacks spread throughout the movie. And what an ending! Instead of forcing some specific outcome on the viewer, a few cues are given and the rest is left to your imagination. I just love it! Now my question is: When am I gonna see a movie that comes even close to this?

My rating of The Bourne Ultimatum:

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